Yarn Stash and the Perfect Crochet Flower Pincushion

Yarn Stash. Every Crochet-er has it.

Pincushions: Every Crafter Needs One … or Two


Crochet Flower Pincushion Fun

Stash. [Definition here, see Number 17 on the list] What to do with it?

We all have stash. You know it’s true. No matter your craft, you have some. Quilting, Sewing, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet, you have a big collection of stash looking at you just waiting to get used up and adored. Since my mind and hands are on Crochet right now, I’ve got a lot of yarn Stash!

What could be small, fast and easy and best yet, practical and useful, something you’d see a lot of and could admire? Why not a pincushion?

I recently happened upon this marvelous book Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers

crochet flowers book


and lo and behold! Right there just asking to be made, were beautiful flower pincushion options. Why not give it a try right? It’s small, doesn’t use up much yarn, and seems like fun!

Crochet Flower Pincushion

Now flowers offer up all kinds of possibilities! Just think of all the colors you can mix and match! No rules really for beautiful flowers.

I grabbed a few stash handfuls, didn’t give much thought and started firing up my hook!

In a matter of an hour or so, I had this.

Finished Crochet Flower Pincushion with yellow pins

A little motif, some edging, and a little pillow stuffed inside makes a wonderful little pincushion treasure. The instructions in the book are really easy to follow and the author even gives you some hints on making the pillow stuffing too.

This one turned out to be a little over 4″ square. It’s got a little felt pillow stuffed with cotton to accept the yellow headed pins that just add to it’s “floweriness”. The pillow was really easy to sew up and stuff.

They are so fun to make up, I’m thinking I may have to make more!

What color flowers would you like to see? Can you see your crafty area sprinkled with beautiful flowery pincushions to inspire your next creation? Share with me your thoughts!



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