Sassy Frilly Crochet Scarf Bonanza – “Mom Style”

Sassy Frilly Crochet Scarf Bonanz – “Mom Style”

There’s a happy crocheter in the house tonight, my Mom, Norma!

Red Heart "Ballet" Crochet Ruffle Scarf

First handmade crochet scarf! Mom’s lovin’ it!

My mom received a scarf like this as a Christmas present and set out to duplicate and make a few of her own. She loved it that much!

Armed with her pattern from Red Heart, “Frilly Crochet Scarf Pattern” she set out to learn how to tangle with these new types of tape like yarns.

Finding the yarn here is really difficult, as our brick and mortar stores don’t really carry a vast supply of options. So, with catalogs in hand and her trusty phone, she found some great “eye candy” yarn to create with.

She ordered from Herrschners

and from Mary Maxim 

Both companies had reasonable shipping to us here over the Pacific Ocean and acceptable shipping time (2 weeks or so).

Here are the yarns:

Red Heart :



The colors are stunning, the yarns a wonderful surprise when completed!

She’s still got her hooks out, like a spider she’s weaving her crochet goodies and having fun. What she’ll do with all her scarves is another question. I’m wondering if any of her friends will be gifted with any of these new creations or will she keep them all for her many moods of color?

Beautiful colors of Crochet Scarves

Have you tried this pattern? I’ve heard it takes some getting used to the yarn tape and the ‘holes’ you crochet through. Any tips or hints you’d like to share?




11 thoughts on “Sassy Frilly Crochet Scarf Bonanza – “Mom Style”

  1. You should make all of your blogs, or just portions of your blog, into small video clips. As I was reading this, I could actually see the interaction and your moms expressions. It brought warm feelings and a smile to my face. I love reading all of your blogs! Now you have to teach me how to crochet lol!

    • Dih Dih! Yes! Perfect idea! When I caught her with the ipad she was pretty giddy and she’d play along for video, she’s a great sport. Glad you could catch her vibes through the photo. I’m having her read through the comments so she can see what wonderful support is out there.
      Teach you? Sure! 😉 that may have to be a few videos in a series. Anything you’d like to start with?
      Thanks so much for stopping by, commenting and sharing blog love. I really do enjoy sharing here and really appreciate all the awesome feedback.

    • Ambar,
      It is pretty cool that she loves to crochet. She’ stone it for years and tried to teach me when I was a youngster, but like most youth, I ignored it all. When I was around 40 and far from home, I gave it a shot on my own and have been ‘hooked’ ever since. All her efforts were revived on my trial and errors to this point. Now, she’ score back to crochet and we’re both enjoying it together. It really make life and growing together wonderful. We’re glad to spend this time together and to share it with our wonderfully supportive Internet friends like you too!
      Thanks for the support and wonderful comments.

    • Thanks so much Jolynn!
      I’ll be sure to have her check out your comment, she’ll be delighted to hear your kind words.

  2. Hello. I love your mom’s scarves. She is an awesome crocheter!! She has so many options for her scarves. Keep the ones that she really loves – gifts for loved ones – charity & donate – sell them so she can buy more yarn to make more scarves, etc, etc.!! Keep creating your lovely scarves – more scarves, more happiness in this world!! Love from one crocheter to another. Jeanine

    • Hi Jeanine!
      Thanks so much for your awesome cheering! Mom’s loving your enthusiasm and can feel your excitement! Thanks for the motivational boost!

    • Hi Susan!
      Thanks for cheering mom on! She says thanks to you for your kind words.
      Hope your visit here again, I appreciate your comments and visit.

  3. Thanks to everyone so far for leaving mom such awesome comments.
    Mom says,
    “Thank you all, you are all so kind. I’m happy to share with all of you and am so glad you like my scarves so far. They were fun to make. It’s pretty neat to connect like this and hear from people all over the world. Thanks again.” – Norma

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