Granny Triangle Afghan Crochet Flowers

Granny Triangle Afghan Flowers
Crocheted flowers side by side one like a star and one with round petals

Star and Petal Crochet Flower Choices

The crochet Granny Triangle Afghan is growing and the joining is coming along nicely. The beautiful version of it that I saw also donned a few pretty flowers on the centers of the joins.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll find flowers really fun to crochet! So many choices!

I stitched up two options. One I call the “Star” Type. The other I’ll call the “Petal” Type. Both are found on Lucy’s Awesome Blog, Attic 24 : Star here and  Petal here

Now am wondering, which type best suits the triangles? The Petal or the Star?

I need some help deciding. I really like them both! What to do?

Which would you choose? Star or Petal?



14 thoughts on “Granny Triangle Afghan Crochet Flowers

  1. I like the petal one better. It just looks more like a real flower in my opinion. They are both pretty, though!

  2. Alicia, to me the larger center of the star flower tends to take attention away from the triangles. I would go with the petal flower as it complements the triangles more, in my opinion :)

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