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13 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I googled Nostepinnes and came upon your old site and was wondering if you still had any available? If so, can you please give me all the details. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sonya,
    We still have many Nostepinnes! I’m glad the old site still comes up.
    We have all the photos and details here:
    You will find all the available Nosties in the “Newest Additions” folder there.

    When you find an item there that you need, email me at
    List the names of the items that you’d like to purchase and include your
    shipping address.

    I will then create a PayPal invoice for you and send it to your email address.

    We offer free, USPS Priority Mail shipping for orders over $50, mailed to a single U.S.
    postal address. We can also mail internationally and can send a quote prior to
    close of a sale.
    We prefer PayPal payments and can accept funded PayPal or credit card payments
    via PayPal.

    Thank you so much for your inquiry and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

    alicia in Hawaii

  3. I was wondering if your pattern for the Santa crocheted little purses is available free or to purchase. Could you please let me know soon?? Many thanks!

  4. I was curious to know if the two patterns, Christmas Candy Wristlet and Christmas Candy Purse Patterns are for sale? I would also like to know where to find the fabric, if it is still available.

    Your bag and wristlet are so cute!

  5. Alicia,

    Your teddy bears are adorable!

    Where in HI are you? I remember you’ve said, but you know how that is!

    We have a condo at Kaanapali Shores, Maui, although no plans for a visit in 2010, but hopefully in 2011. If you’re on Maui, I’d love to get together for a Starbucks and stitching.
    Happy New Year!
    Marianne T.

  6. Good morning I am from South Africa George
    Is there anybody who can help me with the pattern of the cup cake and kitchen collection!
    I will appreaciate this!

  7. my mom has been looking to replace her well worn out days of the week snail pattern, i see it on your tutorial for the transfer pencil, do you know the name of the pattern or who sells it or do you sell it

  8. Hi~I was wondering if your Christmas candy wristlet and Christmas candy purse is for sale and still available, I would love to have this!

  9. Your mom is such a cutie. I myself just did those tape yarn for my grands at Christmas time, took a bit to get the hang, but worked up like a charm. Your colors are lovely, good job. I did both knitting and crocheting. Good luck..

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for the positive vibes and well wishes. I bet your grands loved the final creations that you did, they are all so lovely and original. Glad you like these colors, mom really had to peruse and debate on which she liked best. Watch out world, she’s not done yet! 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, come by again.

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