Tutorial-Embroidery Tools–The Sulky Hot Iron Transfer Pen–Creating Iron On Transfers-Tarot Card Purse Panel

sulky pen tarot-set-up-19

Here is another tutorial about creating Iron On Transfers. This is how I have created hot iron transfers with the Sulky Hot Iron Transfer Pen. 1. Have a pattern image. Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Letter, Golden “A” embroidery


The embroidery is done on the Scarlet Letter project! I embroidered krienik gold braid on the red velvet using stem stitch to outline and define the letter “A”. The complete Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Letter

scarlet letter A choices

Well…it is Scarlet…and it is a Letter…lol. Here’s an embroidery project. And although the thread is not going to make the “A” scarlet, it is going on a scarlet velvet Continue Reading →