Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill “Kitchen Collection” Cupcake and Mixer

mill hill cupcake cross stitch

Shiny, shimmering, glorious beads! I love my local needlework shop, Fiddlesticks Hawaii. They brought these kits in for me…just to tantalize my addiction to stitching. 😉 Each of these were Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch Project – Mill Hill Wildlife Elephant

mill hill wild life beaded elephant cross stitch

If you view and elephant from the side…you might see… See all the beads. See all the stitches. Changing gears, yet again, here is my newest time interest. Mill Hill Continue Reading →

Mystery Project-“Blue”

blue mystery fabric

Blue… A pile of plush Bright Blue Fur… What could this BECOME? added to some bright pink… Fun! Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun!