Awards and Whoo Hoo’s!


Yesterday, while I was battling a major (2 day) migraine, things were happening here in the blogosphere to create a few Whoo Hoo’s!! Whoo hoo #1: Guess what? My blog Continue Reading →

Another Award! Brillante Weblog Premio-2008 #2!

A Second Award! Whoo hoo! Kristine over at Kitsch N Sink Studio granted me this award. *Blush* She left this comment for me: “Thanks for all the inspiration!!! As I’ve Continue Reading →

An Award! Brillante Weblog Premio-2008!

Deepa, from “Deepa’s Home”; This and That…my random thoughts, nominated me for this award! She says that I talk a lot, [who, me?!]…is that a good thing? But, I’m fun! Continue Reading →