Embroidery Project – Wristlets – Dragon Wristlet -Part 3

dragon wristlet

Embroidery, sewing, crochet and all designing has been slowed by our attempt to finish off this one bedroom in our remodel. We’ve managed to install two floors in two days Continue Reading →

Embroidery Project – Wristlets – Kitty Cat Wristlet -Part 2

kitty wristlet

Back to the fun! After posting here and questioning Email groups that I am involved with, I did receive several embroidery suggestions for the wristlet fabrics. Thanks for the great Continue Reading →

Embroidery Project- Sewing Wristlets-Prepping for Embroidery-Part 1

wristlet set up fabric

Wristlets…just begging for embroidery! A few days back I discovered a “new to me” blog, Oh Fransson. There I watched a few daily wristlets being created and my mind started Continue Reading →

Awards and Whoo Hoo’s!


Yesterday, while I was battling a major (2 day) migraine, things were happening here in the blogosphere to create a few Whoo Hoo’s!! Whoo hoo #1: Guess what? My blog Continue Reading →

Embroidery Project – Snail Wallet with Vintage Snail Embroidery

snail wallet

The Matching Wallet! This little wallet is made from a Lazy Girl Designs pattern, Wonder Wallet. We took the same fabric from the lining of the Snail Purse and used Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Tagged!


It was a quiet Saturday…I was quietly cruising my Google Reader and visiting my bloglist…and I happened upon Sew~Amy …and learned that I’ve Been Tagged! Yikes?! *waving to Amy* -Amy Continue Reading →

Pattern Finds – Inspiration for Embroidery Ideas-Purses

purse pattern

After all the posting about a reversible purse/bag, (See July posts), maybe we could suggest a few more cute little bags that are similarly sewn. 😉 Think of these as Continue Reading →

Embroidery Project – Small Snail Purse/Bag with Vintage Snail Embroidery, Gallery, Final

snail purse crayon tint with embroidery

I added a plexi-glass bottom to the purse. [I cut it out on the bandsaw ;)] It keep the bottom firm and all my little ‘junk’ won’t sag into oblivion. Continue Reading →

Embroidery Project – Small Snail Purse/Bag with Vintage Snail Embroidery, Finishing, Part 18

tutorial finishing the close of japanese knot bag

We last ended matching up our handles after turning the entire purse right-side-out. We left the last 1/4 in. not UNsewn and those are the free ends that we are Continue Reading →

Tutorial/Embroidery Project – Small Snail Purse/Bag with Vintage Snail Embroidery, Turning a Reversible Purse/Bag Part 17

turn a reversible purse

Yesterday, we left the snail bag with this little hole in the handle and are now expected to turn this little baby inside out. What we need to do is: Continue Reading →